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Harbour Port manufactures quality custom-made pontoon modules at our local factory using the latest techniques and materials, and are all constructed to Maritime specifications. Standard features include:


Your choice of coloured non-slip deck surface

Custom marine rubber fending mould

Cast aluminium marine cleats

Anti-fouling contracting water line pin stripe

Application of protective Derakane resin


The finished product is durable, UV stabilised, slip resistant and can be configured into a variety of shapes and applications. We offer both an on-site and off-site general waterfront and pontoon maintenance service to help increase the longevity of your investment.


Harbour Port has manufactured, repaired and installed many of the pontoon modules you now see on the Port Hacking River, Georges River, Sydney Harbour and South Coast areas.





We often salvage, restore and supply good quality second hand pontoon systems as a cost effective alternative to a brand new module. Contact us to discuss your options and check our current stock availability.

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