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The land holder of Sydney Harbour is NSW Roads and Maritime Services (previously NSW Maritime & NSW Waterways). 


Maritime have sophisticated planning instruments to assess the permissibility and design of waterfront structures, which includes a Regional Environmental Plan and a Development Control Plan. Our specialist waterfront town planners will be able to determine the development potential and design of your waterfront utilising our 40 plus years expertise in construction. Our services include Architectural Plans, Statement of Environmental Effects as well as the collaboration of Mapping, Hydrographical and Marine Habitat Surveying. 


Most importantly our specialist town planners will navigate and pursue your application through the Maritime matrix of the initial development process, 

whilst keeping you up to date on the status of your application.

Any works on Sydney Harbour first require the consent of the 

Land Owner via a Permission To Lodge Application. 


There are two types of approvals available to homeowner with Maritime being; 

a Complying Development Certificate and a Development Application.

A Complying Development Certificate is a fast track approval for construction works to repair/rebuild existing waterfront access facilities retains the same lease footprint. 

We will submit prepare all the submission documentation and lodge a 

Permission to Lodge Application to Maritime to obtain Land Owners Consent.

Once awarded we will submit the application to our Private Certifying Authority for issue of consent. We will then undertake any building works and obtain the

 Final Occupation Certificate on Project Completion. 


Contact our office to find out if this fast track path is available to your property.   


A Development Approval is required for the construction of all new structure/s, 

with our team specialising in Existing Uses Rights applications to overcome the limitations of the current Sydney Harbour zoning schedule.  


Harbour Port East Coast will take your Project through Maritime’s 

Three stepped Planning Approval Process. These are; 

A Permission to Lodge Application, A Development Application 

and Construction Certificate. 


Once Approved we will assist with the issue of your new Lease with Maritime and initiate building works. On Project Completion we will obtain a Occupation Certificate for execution of your Lease with Maritime.  

Best of all, we are both consulting and construction focused to get your project to your satisfied conclusion, because life's not about the paperwork, it is about your family enjoying the recreational benefit of living on Sydney Harbour.

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