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The river estuaries of the Greater NSW basin are owned by Crown Lands, with the exception of Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. 


There are four governing bodies to navigate to gain development consent for waterfront structures. Each has its own criteria for submission and their planning charters. Our approval services deal with those of ever changing requirements.


At Harbour Port we have over 40 years of experience navigating this process. 

Our team has streamlined the Planning Approval Process down to a fine art.

This gives us the ability to work efficiently through the stages of approval and provide the Stakeholders exactly what they need to give you a consent. 


You will enjoy the benefit of our professional relationships with our external team of specialist Surveyors, Ecologists, Engineers and Certifiers and 

our long term relationships with both the State and Local stakeholders.

Your Development Application will be handled by our team of waterfront specialist Town Planners and Architects who will design and submit your Development Application utilising Harbour Port's 40 plus years of practical construction expertise. 


This ensures that the use of your waterfront is maximised to your benefit 

and that your Development Application follows a solid planning path to a Consent.

Given the current protocols are heavily overseen by those Stakeholders – we guarantee the long processes are shorted by our experienced team.

Our town planners will coordinate the entire planning procedure on your behalf keeping you up to date with the progress being made. Our team will prepare all the Architectural Plan, Statement of Environmental Effects, Photographs, specialist information and Site Inspections to navigate and pursue your application through

the four government departments.


Most importantly, once Approved we are ready to build and will also co-ordinate the Crown Licence process and Certification paperwork.

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